Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

1. I’m sleep deprived.

2. My baby is sick and it breaks my heart.

3. My baby is actually a toddler now, but this past week she’s acted like my baby again. Cuddling with me, not sleeping through the night, needing more attention than a narcissistic celebrity. You get the picture.

4. Actually, my baby is acting MORE like a baby than she actually did as a newborn. She wasn’t even up this much in the night when we first brought her home from the hospital. Pitiful, I tell ya.

5. I’ve watched more “Hot Dog” in the last 5 days than I have in the last 2 years.

6. I can see a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel though. She’s starting to sleep better and isn’t howling in pain every minute of the day.

7. I have volleyball tonight and I am ready for a night out of the house.

8. I feel sort of guilty about this.

9. We ordered windows back in October. STILL haven’t had them correctly installed. This is B.S.

10. I’m enjoying a few new shows, Lights Out on FX and Off the Map on ABC. I think it’s going to replace Lost on my DVR.

11. I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video. I’m on the third level and I think she wants to kill me.  Monkey doesn't make it any easier.  She likes to "help".  It could be part of the being sick and needy.

12. In a month I will be sitting on a beach in Mexico with a tropical frozen drink in hand. I look forward to this.

13. Beach and bikini. Hence, the 30 Day Shred. Let’s hope it works for everyone’s sake.

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