Sunday, November 10, 2013

65 Years

My maternal grandma passed away in August and just two months later we lost grandpa.  Today would've been their 65th wedding anniversary.  65 years.  It's almost hard to even imagine living with someone for that long.  It's really an amazing feat these days.  I don't know all of the struggles they had to endure during their marriage, but losing two children, fighting in a war, the Great Depression, Alzheimer's.... those things couldn't have been easy to go through.  They faced every obstacle and they faced them together.  They came out on the other side, maybe missing a small piece of themselves, but as a unit, they were whole. 

It's been difficult for us, the family left behind, to deal with having both grandma and grandpa gone, but I like to look at it as they wanted to celebrate their anniversary together.  They spent 64 anniversary's together and they weren't going to have the 65 be any different.  If it couldn't be here on earth with us, at least they are celebrating with their parents, siblings, two children and other loved ones that they lost along the way. 

Today, I will toast to them and the time they shared.  Happy anniversary.  We love and miss you everyday! 

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