Monday, May 23, 2011


As I said last week, we couldn't go long without some puppy love in our house.  So we broke down and got not just one, but TWO puppies.  They aren't the little tiny furball pups like Hank and Dewey were when we first gome them, they are a bit older, but still all puppy no doubt.  Since they came from a local shelter, we don't know their exact birthdate, but they are estimating them at 16 weeks. 

I have a friend who is a name freak and while we have already picked out names for these two (one male, one female), I thought it would be fun to see what YOU would have named them.  So tell me, would you have gone with the two most popular dog names Max and Bella?  Or would you have chosen something a little more whimisical, like Hansel and Gretel? 

I'm not hung up on names all that much, but I will say the boy name we picked out isn't on the most popular list, but the girls is.  I kind of wish I would've looked at the list now before picking names.  It's not like we hang out at the dog park or anything, but I don't want my dog to have the same name as a bunch of other pups on the playground either.  When I call her name, I want HER to come running not six or seven other people's pets!  Oh well, we are happy with our picks... now tell me, what would you have chosen? 

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