Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

1. I think there are two types of people in life.  The ones who get excited when they hear that one of their favorite books is being made into a movie and the ones that cringe.  I belong in the cringer category for the most part.  There's at least one other person ou there that gets it, he's a cringer too.  And he hits the nail right on the head as to why in this article.  Which are you?

2. Huh.  Did you know if you live in Montana, neither you nor your groom actually has to be present at your own wedding?  Well darn it, if I had only known!

3. I am taking off work early tomorrow and treating myself to a massage.  Actually, I've had a gift certificate to use for a local spa since LAST August and I finally forced myself to make an appointment.  I don't know why it's so hard for me.  I actually really enjoy getting a massage, I just hate having to make an appointment, take the time out of my day and go do it.  I'm looking forward to it, it'll be a nice relaxing way to start this crazy busy weekend.

4. Speaking of the weekend, if you don't have plans you should really come out to our farm for a rousing day (or two) of shooting.  Same-day registration is available, so no excuses!

5. I can't believe it is the middle of June already.  We haven't gone canoeing or camping once yet!  This calendar can not be right.

6. Oooh, I believe I have found another 5K that I want to participate in.  Looks super fun! 

7. Our garden is looking pretty good.  Except for the fact that my dear sweet husband tilled up part of my basil!  I had big plans for that and now I'll have to either put it on hold, or actually go to the store and buy some. 

8. The radishes are doing extremely well, we have them coming out of our ears right now!  I think I might try making some radish chips sometime soon.  Sounds interesting, right?

9. I'm an aunt... again!  My sister-in-law had a beautiful little girl on Friday.  Monkey is very excited about having a new cousin.

10. Not only did we celebrate the birth of this sweet little girl on Friday, but we also celebrated 5 years of marital bliss!  Happy anniversary babe, you've made 5 years, seem more like 5 days, time really does fly by when your having fun.

11. I like this quote.  A lot.  "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

12. We are on the hunt for a new babysitter.  Monkey has been with the same one since my maternity leave ended and she loves it there.  Unfortunately, they are moving and changes have to be made.  Not only are we sad, but I absolutely HATE the search for a new one.  I really don't think there is anything more daunting than trying to find someone you trust to care for the most important being in your life.  It's not a decision made lightly!

13. It's Father's Day this weekend!  How will you be celebrating?  I will be spending it with my family and 30 or so others shooting countless rounds of .22s!  And baking.  Baking lots of lots of cookies for said group.  Sugar is essential for getting through long days.

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