Monday, August 22, 2011


We had another Appleseed shoot at my parent's range over the weekend.  The turnout was great and the weather was fantastic.  If you weren't there, you missed out!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend. 

The firing line.
 This is Olivia.  She's eight years old and could tell you everything you need to know about shooting a rifle. 

My brother Buck

My Dad helping out a young shooter.

And this is Elaina.  Elaina is an exchange student from Germany who will be staying with my aunt and uncle for 10 months.  She has never even held a firearm before and was excited to have her chance at it.  Here she is taking intructions.   

And here are her FIRST ten shots, not too shabby!


"Neighbor" Joe, glad you could join us again!

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  1. Wow!! Can't believe that I got a picture in the famous Arms, Farms and Fam blog. Even better that I'm wearing those fancy elbow pads.