Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving Along...

On Wednesday of this week, Shelly finished up her 23rd day in the hospital.  She was able to get a sonogram that showed baby Tegan weighing in at an estimated 2lb 2oz and doing great! 

After her induction chemo, her immune system finally rebounded enough that she was able to be released. She is at their Gainesville apartment now and will get some tests today that will hopefully allow her to go home home until the 8th of October.

On the 8th, she'll need to go back to the hospital for another bone marrow biopsy, this will be her 4 week biopsy after induction. C-Section will follow on October 11th.  Which also coincides with JC flying down for pre-testing, so he'll get to be there when lil Miss is born. 

Shelly will be admitted for the bone marrow transplant on October 23rd and will start chemo on the following day.  This chemo will be extremely rough on her.  JC will start his shots on the 26th and then fly down on the 29th to start the collection on the 30th.  The actual bone marrow transplant will happen on October 31st.  Happy Halloween!

Of course, this schedule could all change, it's tentative right now, but as long as Shelly's biopsy is good and she heals good enough after birth, everything should go as planned. 

An interesting note that I didn't know... after the transplant Shelly's blood will match JC's DNA perfectly.  Even down to being male blood!  She will have JC's immune system as well after it's all said and done. 

So basically, a lot is happening and very fast.  Please continue to keep Shelly and Tegan in prayers for their upcoming challenges they need love, comfort, and strength for good health!

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