Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's the Day!

A quick update on Shelly... she has been hit hard the past week with chemo to prepare for the bone marrow transplant today. JC flew down to Gainesville on Monday and underwent the peripheral blood stem cell retrieval process yesterday. They collected enough stem cells (more than 29 million!) that he doesn't have to do it again today.  So he's done and will be able to spend today with the family while Shelly undergoes the transplant.

These have been maajor answers to all the prayers!  Please keep them coming for fast recovery and no rejection issues for Shelly, continued good health and growth for Tegan and safe travels for Nick as he makes trips back home and to work. 

I may be a biased aunt, but Tegan is one of the most beautiful little babies I've ever seen!

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