Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stuffed Animal Zoo

Monkey has tons and tons of stuffed animals.  They take up way too much room in her bedroom, the living room and our bedroom.  It's like a toy store exploded in our house and I can't stand it.  I saw this one day on Pinterest...

I thought it was just about perfect for what we needed, but as I do with most things, a few tweaks were needed.  We set out to make it this weekend.  We decided to make something directly on the wall and utilize some space behind a door that you can't really put anything in.



I think it turned out perfectly and now we don't have stuffed animals under out feet every two seconds!


  1. Wonder if you could stuff 3 boys in one of them. That would be useful.

  2. I love this idea, would be great for my girls' room.

  3. How is this mounted to the wall? Both of my girls have corners in their rooms where this would be perfect!

  4. We made a base at the top and bottom and mounted it to the wall, then screwed the wood directly onto the bases. Hope this helps!

  5. What did you use as the cables? And where did you get them?

  6. The cables are black bungee. We cut them to the right size, pulled taught and screwed onto the top and bottom. I don't remember where we purchased from, maybe Amazon?

    1. nice what did you use for the base and the frame work thanks

  7. how long did it take to make it and how much for the material and what did you use for the frame work thanks