Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shelly Update

** UPDATE  2-6-12**
Results came back that Shelly has staph pneumonia.  The doctors refuse to stop treating for fungal though and now they also want to treat for GVHD of lungs which is another unpleasant treatment. This is how it all started when her friend Kristy passed, so it's a very scary and frustrating situation.  Please keep the prayers coming. 

It's been a while since I've posted an update for Shelly and Tegan on here.... that's because things had been going so wonderfully.  They were both released from the hospital and staying at their apartment in Gainesville.

Tegan is still doing great, she's almost up to 10 pounds now!  Considering the fact she was only 2 pounds, 12 ounces at birth (10/11/12), this is astounding!  Vision is a big concern for preemies, but her eye exam showed normal development.  She is a little fighter and is thriving! 

On the other hand, Shelly still needs prayers.  She is still fighting her chemo induced heart failure and has gotten some forms of Graft Versus Host disease.  At the end of January, her immune system was about 91% JC's, so what is happening is that JC's cells are attacking the remaining Shelly cells. 

In preparation for her move back home, the doctors removed the central line from her chest (which seems to have stirred up some bacteria) and she developed a fever and was admitted back into the hospital this past Thursday.   Originally they thought it was either bacterial or fungal pneumonia with fever as a side effect, but they results came back today as inconclusive so they now want to do a biopsy of her lung.  Please pray for a safe procedure with no lung collapse and for quick healing so she can get out of the hospital and back home with her family! 


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