Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crime Doesn't Pay. Stupidity Doesn't Either

This Pine Bluff, Arkansas woman thought fast on her feet and was able to stop a robbery in progress.  I love the fact that she put the jerk in a head lock!

Police say a man who tried to rob a Pine Bluff fast-food restaurant was shot by his own gun.

A police report says officers responded to a robbery in progress call at a Burger King about 11 p.m. Monday. Officers said they arrested 22-year-old Jason Robinson, who had a gunshot wound in one thigh.

According to investigators, an employee said that after the robber accosted her and demanded money, he put his gun down so he could place the money in a bag. The employee says she grabbed the gun and it fired as she and the robber struggled for it.

She told officers she put the robber in a head-lock and called police.

Robinson was treated at a local hospital and was being held at the Jefferson County jail.

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