Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Bee

I love spring.  The newborn calves frolicking thru the pastures, the green grass, flowers popping up, leaves on trees... all signs of spring I love.

However, I don't love what comes with it.  The dreaded spring cleaning.  Yech.  I know a few very sick individuals who actually LIKE it, but for the most part I'd say my feelings on spring cleaning reflect most red-blooded Americans feelings. 

The one thing I do like about it is that I get to observe Monkey "help" her dad out.  She takes the job very seriously.

So serious, in fact, she insists that SHE use the big shovel and her dad must use the small one.

She also really focuses on her jobs, making sure she does it to the best of her ability.

No slacking off from this little worker bee!  Me on the other hand, I was sipping on a Mai Tai, reclined back in my lawn chair just taking in the sun. 

Oh, how I wish.

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