Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Warriorettes

When I was young tyke I loved playing outside. I loved going down to the creek and playing in the water and mud. I loved digging up dirt in the yard or fields surrounding the house. I loved rolling around in the grass with the dogs and various other pets we had at the time (goats, raccoons, deer, you name it, we had it). I just loved being outside and getting dirty. Everything about it was fun.

I also loved sports and being active. Volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, cycling, and football… well all of it, really. If it had rules or a ball, I was in. I was quite the active child. I guess I haven’t changed all that much. My time for said activities has decreased, but I still love getting out every Thursday and playing volleyball or even throwing a football around in the yard.

And as for the playing in the dirt part of it… well I guess I haven’t grown out of that either.

I saw the site for the Warrior Dash two years ago and KNEW that I had to be a part of it. The idea of not only running through obstacles, but running through mud has me so excited. Unfortunately, the dates of the races nearest me just never worked out. That is until this year. There is one in Indiana, only two hours away, on a weekend when I have NO plans!

When I found this out, I immediately called my husband to double check that we didn’t have any plans and that he would be okay with watching Monkey that weekend so I could go. He gave me the all clear! I am officially signed up for what will be the most awesome 5K I have ever experienced. And I thought it would be hard to top the Fat Ass 5K of last year (which by the way, I will be doing again this year)!

With mud, fire, old beat-up junk cars, rappelling, running through a river, and more, I think this one will take the cake. And the coolest part is that both of my sisters are going to do it with me!

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