Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ernest Thorp - American Hero

Well, I've had a busy couple of weeks at work and at home.  Things are FINALLY slowing down a little bit (until next month, when I have another big work obligation to take care of).  While I have a few minutes today though, I wanted to touch on the Guns Save Life meeting that I went to last week.  

The main speaker was a WWII hero that actually lives just a few miles from me.  Ernest Thorp had an amazing story to share with us about his time as an Air Force pilot, how his plane was shot down and he was rescued from the ocean to only be taken as a POW.  This 90 year old veteran is truely an inspiration.  He has a memoir that he kept while in the prison camp that I hope to read soon.  

Not only was I completely captivated by his stories, but it also turns out that he was friends with my grandpa!  It was really great to have him there, I think I want to plan a coffee shop date with him once a week now. 

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