Thursday, January 19, 2012

Personal Accountability, Anyone?

Well it happened again.  I went to the local watering hole last night for a "few" adult beverages.  Next thing I know, my alarm clock is screeching at me and I'm fighting off a blazing headache and upset stomach.  Oh, why does this happen!?  The bartender is supposed to be my friend, he isn't supposed to get me so drunk that I wake up with a hangover. 

Wait, I shouldn't blame the bartender you say?  You're right.  You are absolutely right.  It's not the bartender's fault that I'm fighting a case of the brown bottle flu.  Let's lay the blame at the feet of the person responsible.... the manufacturer of Captain Morgan!  How dare they make and endorse a product that is known to cause people to get drunk and consequently have hangovers!?  And while we are at it, let's add Dr. Pepper to the list of people at fault.  If Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper didn't taste so darned good together, I would never have drank so much. 

You don't agree with this logic?  Maybe I should have a little personal accountability and be responsible for my OWN actions?  Huh, what a novel idea.

But if that's the case then we can't blame Paula Deen for people that have type 2 Diabetes, now can we?   

Is Paula responsible for her own case of diabetes?  Absolutely.   And guess what, she's taken full responsibility for that.  She fully admits that she hasn't taken care of her body the way that she should.  In the manner of what she consumes and her lack of physical activity.  But is she forcing her sugar and butter-laden dishes down anyone's throats?  I don't think so. 

I'm a firm believer in "everything in moderation".  If you enjoy the kind of food Paula features on her shows, by all means, make some!  But don't think that you can have it for three meals a day and not have any repercussions.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with whipping up a batch of her bacon cheeseburger meatloaf or deep fried cheesecake on occasion.  Just remember that calories in have to equal your calories out.    

I really think Andy Vance said it best, "Quit blaming the food, and start looking at the bigger lifestyle picture."  

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