Monday, January 23, 2012

Sending a Prayer for Baby Charlotte

I can't stop thinking about a very sweet little girl.  Baby Charlotte has been in the hospital in Chicago since she was born in August of 2011.  She's had numerous surgeries and fights for her precious life every single day.

I don't ask for things very often, but I'm asking you to please pray for her healing, strength for not only her, but for her parents, Blake and Brooke, and for big brother, Clayton, and a miracle that she can recover from all the trauma her little body has been through.  They are such a great family and really could use all the extra prayers they can get.

I really can't imagine having to go through all that they have, I get choked up everytime I read Brooke's blog.  She's one strong mama, but no matter how strong she is, every mama can use a shoulder to lean on.  Let's help her by sending as many prayers and warm wishes as we can today!

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