Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, it's cold again.  There are even flurries floating around outside.  That nice spring-like weather sure didn't last long.  However, we were able to enjoy it while it lasted and definately look forward to it making another, longer-lasting appearance. 

Monkey took advantage of the warmer temps by getting out her fourwheeler and going for a little spin around the driveway.

She then decided she wanted something with a little more horsepower and cruised around in her jeep. 

Monkey turns two in April and this was supposed to be her birthday present. Someone decided to give it to her early. That someone wasn't me.  You can take a stab in the dark at at who it was. It starts with "D" and ends in "addy" and is very well acquainted with Monkey's little finger.

As for the adults in the house, we had our own new toys to play with.  We were finally able to pick up our winnings from the other night

Funny side note: Before this most recent NRA dinner, the only thing I had ever won at one of those was the camo case in the above picture.  I was pretty happy to even win that, so imagine my excitement when we won not one, but TWO guns!

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