Monday, March 28, 2011

Crickets Are a Girl's Best Friend

Last month we attended a Friends of NRA dinner, and you may remember how we cleaned house.  Well there was another one this past weekend in a nearby city.  We did not attend, but my parents, sister and niece did.  I'm happy to say that they once again walked out winners!

My dad won the very last drawing of the night, a new shotgun!  I believe it was a Wetherby, but my memory is failing me at the moment.  While he was happy about that, the REAL excitement of the night was the kids drawing.  My niece, Peanut, won! 

She was so happy, but the kicker of it was when she opened the box and saw that it was pink!

And like any well-trained professional, she even keeps her finger of the trigger.  Atta girl!

There is one more dinner close to us coming up; I'm not sure if they will let us attend after all these winnings!

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