Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chicago Moms Taking a Field Trip

Today is the day that ten Chicago-area moms who have questions about food, farmers and farming are going on their first farm tour. These ten “Field Moms”, as they’ve been named by the Illinois Farm Families will get the chance to see firsthand how their food is grown and raised, as they meet Illinois farmers and tour their farms.

As a farm girl myself, I think this effort to give suburban moms a glimpse into the farm life and how their food gets to their table is great. There are far too many people that have no idea where their food comes from, or what goes into getting it on the shelves of the supermarket.

Like one of the Field Moms, Julie Barreda, says, “Just like money doesn’t come out of an ATM, food doesn’t just arrive at your table each day. There’s much more real story behind it – that’s what I want my family to know and appreciate. As city people, we often forget that Illinois is an agricultural state, and a lot happens outside of the city. The Field Mom program can really help bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.”

After the Field Moms return to the city, they will share their experiences through blogs, videos, and photos. I’m definitely going to be following up on what they think about their day on the farm. I encourage you to do so as well.  Who knows, maybe we'll all learn a little something!

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