Thursday, December 17, 2009

Before He (Ch)Eats

So Carrie Underwood is now a hero, huh? All because she donated $200,000 to the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), the richest animal rights organization in the world.

HSUS spends 95% of its budget for travel and lobbying against family farmers and ranchers. Carrie Underwood may be a small town girl from Oklahoma and play country music, but she forgot long ago what being a country girl is all about.

Just imagine how many other great charities could have benefitted from that amount of money. Especially at Christmas time. Instead she throws it away on a group that cares more about tarnishing the good names of farmers and ranchers everywhere than they do on “helping” any animal.

Growing up on a farm myself and now working in the ag industry, I don’t understand how she can turn her back on her own agriculture-based state. I will admit, I don’t hold a candle to her when it comes to singing; she’s got a great voice. But I will stand up for my family and the generations of farmers out there instead of following along with what is hip or cool at the moment. I have a hard time listening to her music when I know what she is supporting.

You may recall an incident back in 2006 when Underwood performed at the FFA National Convention. A protest of her performance was carried out by more than 500 young FFA members. This was done by the same people that her music is targeted towards, and while they may like her voice and her music, they were not going to stand for her anti-livestock affiliations. Especially at a convention based on agriculture.

I am very proud of those kids who walked out that day and while I know one protest won’t change Underwood’s beliefs, or the world, it’s important for those who believe in agriculture to stand up and be counted, not counted out.

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