Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Raccoons and Heirlooms

This isn't just any old crib.  It's a very special and very old crib. 
My dad slept in this as a baby as well as my brother and sisters.  My Grandmother has passed it throughout our family so many of my cousins have slept in it as well.  Now Monkey has it.  It's not her every day crib that she uses, but she has slept in it just to carry on the tradition.
Look! The little girl on it is holding a raccoon! I love that little raccoon. Have I mentioned that as kids we had pets raccoons?  I have a certain affinity for them.  Cute little buggers.

What items has your family passed on through the generations?  Tell me about them or better yet, send me a picture of it.  I'll feature all of them in a post at the first of the year.  Come on... play along!

** I forgot to say where to send the picture, oopsie!  Send away to  Look forward to seeing what you all have!


  1. O.k. I read your blog off of Tara Kruger's my family has passed down a baptism gown for almost 100 years it was handmade by my Great Grandma and has been worn by every generation of children, siblings, cousins, and grandkids. I don't know how to post a picture in here.

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful! Thanks for reading and playing along. I updated where to send the picture to, sorry about that!