Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Resolutions

I was thinking on the way to work this morning (Yes, I had to work. I know, ridiculous.  I can give you my boss's number if you'd like to call him and complain.) that everyone always says how they'll give up smoking, or give up chocolate, or will lose weight or whatever their big thing is for the year.  And most of them don't ever stick with it.  I wanted to make my resolutions ones that I would have a good chance of sticking with.  So here are my 13 New Year's Resolutions.

1. I resolve to NOT give up any of the few vices that I have.  Actually, I should drink more wine; add to that vice.

2. To read more books than I did in '09 (which may be hard because I read a lot of books this year).

3. To expound on that, I want to will finish this series.

4. To become credit card debt free (and I'm almost there!).

5. To run another 5k... okay make that two.

6. To go on our first vacation as a family.
7. To make it down to Oklahoma to visit these folks.
8. To have a winning season with my volleyball team.
9. To not waste money on seasonal fads that probably aren't that cute anyway.
10. To not count calories as well as not deny myself scrumptious desserts and other goodies.  Moderation is what it's all about.
11. To do more nice things for random strangers. 
12. To slow down and enjoy life's small moments, not just the large ones.

13. To learn how to operate our camcorder and actually use it. 

Now you know my resolutions, tell me yours... and don't forget to take the poll I have up!  Poll's are fun.

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