Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Scream, You Scream....

How many of you vowed to lose weight this year?  How many of you still find yourself going to the freezer after the kids are in bed for a little nip of ice cream? 

Yeah, your not the only one!  I actually didn't make a resolution to lose weight, but I would like to stay where I am and not gain any.... ice cream doesn't help that cause. 

I've found an amazing and simple way to fix the problem, yet still enjoy your ice cream! 

It's something called One Ingredient Ice Cream (but, I don't just stick to one ingredient, I'm crazy that way).

And that one ingredient?  It's Bananas!

This is what you do....

Start with some ripe bananas.  Not banana bread ripe, but ripe.

Then peel them and freeze.  You can slice them or freeze whole.  I find they blend faster if they are cut up. 

After freezing, throw in a food processor and start processing.

At first they will crumble up and not really blend, looking something like this.

But keep going.  It'll start looking like soft serve ice cream.

Now you can stop here and enjoy or you can mix it up more and add other ingredients.  I think it's just a little too banana-y if you stop here. 

Is banana-y a word?

So I tried a few different things. 

I added vanilla....

And blueberries...

And strawberries....

Blueberries AND strawberries....

Chocolote syrup....

Peanut butter...


And Nutella.....

Once you have it the way you want, you can eat it.  It will be the consistancy of soft serve ice cream.  If you throw it into a freezer-safe container and freeze it again though, it will turn into harder ice cream.  It is so good!

One thing I noticed though, was if I added fruit, the excess water made it more of a smoothie consistancy rather than icecream.  While it was still good, I thought it should just be used for a breakfast smoothie.  Two birds one stone, right?

I threw a few scoops of the frozen mixture into the processor again and mixed it up.  I then poured in maybe 1/2 cup of orange juice.

And poured it right into a cup for a nice cold smoothie.

Try it and let me know what other concoctions work for you.

Oh yeah, please excuse any messiness you see... I had a little helper in the kitchen that day.

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