Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm sure you've seen those emails of bad family portraits.  You know the ones, where everyone looks so terrible you can't help but laugh.  It's usually more out of embarrassment for the sad people in the photo, but you still laugh.

I'm happy to share the worst portrait of MY family.  I mean seriously, it's bad.  But since today is Friday, I figured why not start off the weekend with a laugh? 

Without any further ado....

This was taken in the early 80's... and sweater vests were VERY cool, thank you very much!  I should also include that our mother made all of the sweaters. She is quite the talented lady. If only she would've given us our haircuts as well....

**This Flashback Friday brought to you by Bad Mullets on Good Little Girls


  1. Bonnie Garrett, scarred little sisterMarch 12, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    The parents meant well...right? I must believe that. Now if only you could post a photo of the boy, about 5 years later, rockin his own mullet, of his own volition.

  2. I love this pic. And that was the hair style back then. You all look so cute!