Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Tradition

On my way to work this morning, the local radio station asked for listeners to call in and tell everyone in radioland what the latest greatest thing was that happened to them. 

One lady called and said how her mother had finally beaten cancer. 

A grandmother called in to say how her granddaughter was pregnant again after a miscarriage, and at the last doctor's appointment the doctor said everything was going great.

One man said it was great to watch the USA hockey team go to the finals in the Olympics, even though they ended up losing.

I didn't call in... I'm a listener, not a caller.  Unless tickets to a concert are being given away... then I'm all over that phone like white on rice. 

I thought of this though:

Look at how happy little A is!  And Grandpa Dan isn't too upset to be hanging out with her either.

And this one... Monkey with her Grandpa. 

The two Grandpas have been friends for years.  When I say years, I mean YEARS.  Like longer than I've existed. 

Grandpa Dan is Oklahoma Annie's dad, and obviously we've been friends for years.  To go back even further, our grandmothers are friends and still to this day meet for lunch and bridge!  So then I wonder if Monkey and A will grow up to be best friends.  Or if Annie and Scott's unborn children will grow up to take pictures of Annie and I holding OUR grandchildren. 

Even though Dan, Annie, A and the rest of that clan aren't our "family," they are.  And I think that's great.

Now tell me.... what was the last great thing that happened to you?  Small or big, let's hear it!

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