Monday, March 8, 2010

IGOLD is Here!

IGOLD is only two days away!  If you've never heard of IGOLD, it stands for Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.  It is an annual event where people who are mindful of their own liberty and how government often abuses and denies it, descend on the capitol building in Springfield to lobby their representatives in the Illinois House and Senate.

Why should you go?  Let me break it down really quick for you...

-48 states have concealed carry (CC); and even Wisconsin (that 49th) has open carry. There's no reason why IL citizens cannot be as responsible as those in every other state.

- When the good guys have guns, bad guys think twice about committing crimes. They don't really want to get shot.

- Outlawing firearms doesn't keep the bad guys from getting them, because they aren't law-abiding citizens anyway.

- Police officers have no obligation to protect you as a citizen. They are only obliged to protect society as a whole. Which means you should be able to protect yourself.

- The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case (McDonald v. Chicago) that challenges Chicago's ban on handguns. It is very relevant for all 2nd Amendment supporters in IL to make it known that they are numerous and they do vote.

- We finally have the opportunity to elect a governor that will sign a CC bill into law- Sen. Bill Brady.

- Even if you don't care about firearms, it is important that you go.  It's about our FREEDOM.  Illinois government specifically criminalizes and punishes the exercise of what is a natural right. If they are able and willing to do that to one inalienable right, we have to ask ourselves what will stop them from doing the same to our other natural rights.

I will be in Springfield on Wednesday and I hope that you will too.

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