Thursday, March 11, 2010

IGOLD 2010

IGOLD 2010 was a success!  We had perfect weather and a very large, respectful crowd that marched from the Prairie Capital Convention Center to the State Capital.  The official numbers haven't been released, but I would guess we surpassed the 5,000 attendees from last year by a few thousand!

There were many great speakers from Otis McDonald to Valinda Rowe, who got the crowd motivated to make the rounds to lawmakers' offices in the Capital to push for less restrictive gun laws.  Concealed carry was one of the top priorities, naturally.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't understand what it is that makes Illinois citizens any less capable than those of other states.  Are we not as intelligent?  Or are we just not as important?  If a woman in Illinois is raped, is her body and right to protect it not as respected as a woman's in Missouri... or Texas... or Florida?  I'd like someone to explain that to me.

A few of our elected officials were in their offices and willing to listen to what we had to say.  We appreciate that and would like to thank them for doing so.

A few pictures from the day:


This is only part of the crowd that descended on the Capital.  If you squint just so, you can see the sea of gold even beyond the bridge!

Senator Bill Brady with my sister and I.  He came to the PCCC and gave a rousing speech to the crowd after a long day of lobbying.

One other thing worth mentioning... oh geeze, I'm starting to sweat and turn red just thinking about it.  Bear with me here...  okay, I think I've got the pools of sweat under control.  Bonnie and I were interviewed by!  We are definately not comfortable on camera and it probably showed, but it was fun!   

Thank you to everyone that came out to make IGOLD successful, and to those that weren't there, plan on it next year! 

For some coverage of the event, click here, here or here and of course

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