Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Apple(seed) a Day...

I've got a lot of things going on right now that are keeping me busy, so I apologize for the lack of content on here lately.  I am pretty excited about one of the things that I'm gearing up for though; I'm attending my very first Appleseed Shoot next weekend!

If you're not familiar with what an Appleseed Shoot is you can click here for a more in-depth explanation, but basically it teaches the participants traditional American marksmanship skills as well the positive traits that are required to become a good shooter, such as patience, determination, focus, attention to detail, and persistance.  Who couldn't better themselves by learning and/or improving on all of these traits?  I know I can. 

If your are interested in attending an Appleseed yourself, click here and see if there are any coming up in your area.  And if you're in MY area give me a shout and I'll help you get registered for the same one I'm going to.  The more the merrier!

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