Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures in Baby Raising

Monkey is 9 months old now.

I took her for her check-up yesterday.  This was the first trip to the doctor's in a while where she wouldn't need any shots.  Yaaay!

The appointment started off bad and only got worse....

We showed up at 9:56, four minutes early.  I like to be punctual.

We waited in the waiting room until 10:22 before we were called back.  They were not punctual.

She was weighed and measured and had all the little things done by the nurse before seeing the doctor.  We then waited some more.

Now Monkey is a good great baby, but we all get a little antsy sometimes.  I let her play on the floor with some toys instead of making her sit patiently in my lap or on the exam table.  She played until around 10:35 when she tried to pull herself up on a chair.

She's pulled herself up to standing position a few times now.  This time she wasn't so successful and she fell.  No big deal, she falls a lot.  Wrong.  She hit her head against the chair leg which had hard edges on it, not a nice rounded chair leg.

She screamed.  Cried.  Wailed.  And then screamed some more.

I picked her up and loved on her and gave her a pacifier to calm down.  Which she did in a very short amount of time.  We then started to play some more and she spit out her pacifier...

It was covered in blood!  Poor baby hit her top gum against the hard edge and it split it open!

By this time I was tired of waiting and my little Monkey was bleeding, so I marched out to the nurse's station and demanded the doctor drop what he's doing and come see us this very instant!

Maybe I wasn't that dramatic about it.  I may tend to exaggerate on this here blog.  But I did go out there and ask the nurse to have him hurry because she was still bleeding and I couldn't tell where it was coming from at that point. 

Moral of the story:  It was supposed to be a care free visit, but instead my baby had her first bloody topple. 

That's okay, she's tough.

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