Thursday, January 21, 2010

Smart Way to Get Out of a Stupid Situation

Not every story needs a villian to show a need for the right to bear arms!

One man escapes death by shooting his way out. Sounds like a line from a movie, doesn’t it? Well apparently, a man ended up driving into a creek after his hands-free device for his cell phone activated. Apparently the sound scared him so much that he veered off the road into a creek.

After the driver drove into the creek, his vehicle began sinking. Thankfully, he was packing a pistol and shot out the window to escape the cold waters. This was only because he was an armed security guard at the Thunder Valley Casino just north of Sacramento.

The man only sustained minor injuries. His name has yet to be available. According to the Roseville Fire Department, the man was driving northbound on Industrial Avenue in Roseville.

Police described the situation, saying he drove into the guard rail and toppled over it in his SUV. He began to sink in Pleasant Grove Creek. If it wasn’t for his gun, he might not have escaped.

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