Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Gettin Started

Welcome to my life!

Arms, Farms and Fam pretty much sums it up as a whole. I'm not a really political person, but I do have my beliefs, one being that the Second Amendment is MY right. A right that shouldn't be taken away from me. I'm also a farm girl that cherishes being a part of the farm life, and family is THE most important thing to me. I am a new mother; little Monkey is almost 6 months old now and she's perfect.

No, really, she is.

Right now... I'm not saying how she'll be at 15 or even at 8. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, she's 6 months and she's perfect, that's all that matters, okay?

So enough about the title of this whole other world I'm diving into. The whole other world being blogging of course. I have friends that are bloggers, and I've never really wanted to venture into it. Until now.

I need a place to air all my random thoughts and I'm just not a diary sort of girl. Never have been and I never will be. It just doesn't suit me.

So I'm going to try this on for size, maybe it will fit, maybe it won't. Only time will tell!

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