Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keep Your Peepers Peeled

Well it’s raining again. And those weather forecasters are saying it will rain again tomorrow too.

But guess what? Things are looking up! After tomorrow we are supposed to have NINE whole days without rain. Can you even believe it? I’m about as excited as a fox in a henhouse, and let me tell you, that’s pretty excited!

But with this news, I also have a piece of safety information to pass along…. with harvest being so far behind (it hasn’t been this slow in four decades), and the time changing from Daylight back to Standard this weekend, making it dark before 5:30 pm each evening, it’s going to pose an extra risk to drivers that are not on the lookout for farm machinery. In a normal year, farmers are almost finished with harvest, but with this year’s wetness, progress has slowed significantly and a lot of farm work will be done in the dark.

I don’t like it getting dark earlier in the first place, but to have it come right now, when record numbers of combines, tractors, trucks and wagons using the roads, it poses a risk.

Please everyone keep an eye out for slow moving farm machinery. There are people that I love out there trying to make a living and provide food for your table. Let’s keep them safe, okay?

You may have seen these pictures floating around the internet and I sure don’t want to see this happening around here….

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